Commercial Fire Rated Door Products

Equip Your Business with a Fire Rated Door

In commercial environments, fire-rated doors outfitted with appropriate accessories can protect your team from the dangers of spreading flames and smoke. If a fire occurs on the property, being able to contain it until it can be sufficiently extinguished can prevent further damage and repair costs. 

Common Commercial Fire Risks 

Handling Dangerous Chemicals 

Depending on the focus of your business, your facility may be used to store highly flammable substances. Though you take exhaustive precautions to prevent them from catching fire, there is always a chance that it can happen. 

Keeping this in mind, it is important to have your storage areas outfitted with fire-rated doors and the necessary accessories to close any gaps where smoke or flames could escape and spread to the rest of the property. 

Kitchen Fires in Restaurants and Hotels

Large kitchens pose many different fire risks. From uncleaned grease buildup to gas lines and electrical connections, there are many potential ways that a fire could break out. Considering that large hospitality establishments like hotels and resorts use a large amount of carpeting and fabric in their rooms, this creates paths for flames to easily spread throughout a building. 

With appropriately outfitted fire-rated doors, you can fill gaps in the doorways to prevent the flames from spreading onto fabric surfaces which can act like kindling should a fire occur. 

Smoking Dangers 

Though fewer people smoke in modern times than decades past, a significant number of people still do smoke. Whether taking a smoke break at work or having a cigarette or cigar in their leisure time, an improperly disposed of cigarette can cause a major fire that leaves your building damaged and the lives of its occupants in danger. 

Faulty Utility Connections 

Over time, a building’s utility connections can degrade, leaving the potential for fires to happen. Old gas lines, frayed electrical wires, and a malfunctioning furnace are just a few examples of fire risks. Oftentimes, we don’t know that these important amenities need to be repaired or replaced until it is too late. 

Fire-rated doors should be installed especially in areas where there are gas and electrical connections as well as any boiler rooms. Containing the fire in these areas can also prevent it from damaging other utility connections in the rest of the facility. 

How Fire Rated Door Accessories Can Help Contain the Spread

Close Doorway Gaps

The number-one way that flames and smoke spread from room to room is through excessive gaps in doorways. Having a fire-rated gap filler installed can ensure that the door closes tightly and contains the fire within a confined space for much longer than unprotected doors. 

Extend the Strike 

The strike, or the opening in the door frame where the latch rests when closed, can be another area where fire can escape. With a strike extender, any excessive space is closed off to ensure that the space creates a tight seal. 

Plug Holes in the Frame 

Sometimes, door frames and the door itself are not perfectly suited for one another. The frame might have miscellaneous holes in it to accommodate certain types of locks and latches that the current door does not have. These create easy escape routes for fires. By closing them with frame plugs, this point of risk is practically eliminated. 

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