Hospital Fire Safety Solutions


Fire prevention is crucial in healthcare facilities, where most patients are unable to save themselves during fire emergencies. The safety of everyone in the building is top priority.

Ensuring you have the right accessories on your fire rated doors is absolutely vital in order to contain a fire and prevent it from spreading.

Excessive Door Gaps Can Cause Fires to Spread at Hospitals 

Excessive gaps are parts of the doorway that are not sufficiently covered by the door itself. They can be found at the top, bottom, or sides of the door frame. These clearances can be created for a number of reasons, such as: 

An Ever-Changing Building

Hospital buildings, like any other structure, will settle with age. As the facility needs change, the building may also undergo renovations that can result in excessive gaps in the doors, such as a change in flooring materials. 

These structural changes can affect the door’s ability to adequately cover the doorway. In turn, if a fire were to occur, the door will not be able to sufficiently contain the spread of flames or smoke. 

Hardware Holdups 

As with the building, a door’s hardware will degrade over time with repeated use. This can cause gaps to form in any part of the door frame. While replacing hardware will be a regular part of maintenance over the years, using the right hardware to fill any gaps will ensure that you are still code-compliant and keep the building’s occupants safe. 

Solutions for Better Protecting Your Hospital:

When a fire occurs at a hospital it can spread swiftly if not contained. Having the right accessories on your fire rated doors can prevent it from spreading to other rooms and causing devastating losses.

At Active Fire Door Products, we offer a number of solutions for better equipping your hospital doors such as: 

Close Doorway Gaps!

Having Active Gap Fillers installed can ensure the doors are tightly closed and able to contain the fire within a confined space for much longer than unprotected doors.

Active Gap Fillers are designed to cover the entire perimeter of your hospital’s fire rated doors. They are an easy-to-install solution for covering excessive gaps, which eliminates any places smoke or flames might try to escape through.

Active Fire Door Gap Filler can be installed on top, strike, hinge, undercut and meeting stile of metal and wood fire rated doors and frames up to 90 minutes.

Extend the Strike!

The strike is the part of the doorway that holds the latch in place when closed. In some door configurations, this gap can create additional space for flames and smoke to escape.

By using an Active Strike Extension and Filler Plate, this risk can be eliminated for a tighter and more secure seal. Various sizes and colors are available.

Plug Holes in the Frame!

Some door frames have holes to accommodate certain doors, locks and latches. These holes create an easy escape route for fires, allowing flames and smoke to spread. Active Frame Plugs solve this problem and eliminate this risk.

Active Frame Plugs can fill excessive openings in the door frame itself, such as holes that are not being used by the door. Depending on your needs or preferences, you can use either a snap or adjustable screw in configuration. Frame Plugs cut out another potential danger, allowing for more peace of mind.