Government Fire Safety Products

Fire Rated Door Accessories for Government Facilities 

Practicing sound fire safety on government properties is critical to ensuring that local communities can receive the essential services they need. Preventing a blaze from spreading to other parts of a building can help keep visitors and employees safe while also protecting any critical documents from being damaged. 

Government buildings are also subject to many building codes that fire-rated doors must meet the requirements of. Having compliant solutions for containing an active fire is not only smart, but it is deeply necessary. 

Doors Can Be a Threat to Fire Safety in Government Buildings 

Doors are seemingly mundane objects that many take for granted. Just install some hinges, make sure the dimensions are correct, and that’s it, right? 

Not quite. In many cases, fires spread more rapidly by traveling through doorways that are not properly outfitted for the doors that occupy them. Without addressing these points of incompatibility with the proper equipment, smoke and flames can travel farther across your facility. 

When discussing government facilities that handle dangerous chemicals or weapons, the danger increases exponentially. Large properties with extensive gas and electrical infrastructure are also at a higher risk as well. 

Fortunately with code-compliant fire-rated door equipment fires can be contained for long. This provides emergency services the necessary time to arrive on your property and extinguish the blaze before it spreads. 

Fire Rated Door Accessories for Government Buildings 

At Active Fire Door Products, we offer the following solutions for government buildings: 

Gap Fillers

When a door is not fully compatible with the doorway, it can leave excessive gaps through which smoke and fire can spread. Using a fire-rated gap filler, these openings can be compensated on the top, bottom, or sides of the door. 

Strike Extensions 

A smaller, yet equally important space to cover in fire prevention is the door’s strike plate. If there is too much space between the latch and the strike, this creates another opening for fire to travel. 

Strike extensions and filler plates narrow these openings significantly. They ensure a tighter closure for the latch to prevent a fire from spreading through these common exit points. 

Frame Plugs

While you may change your doors every few years, the doorframes often remain the same. Openings left behind by old door installations invite smoke and flames in the event of a fire. 

Using a fire-rated frame plug, you can close these openings and further restrict the blaze from escaping a confined space. We offer both snap-in and screw-on varieties to match your preferences or code requirements. 

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